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  1. RockinChaos

    Bukkit ItemJoin - Hotfixes

    ItemJoin-v5.0.5-RELEASE Notice: Please see the previous changes from v5.0.4 as these are massive changes that are worth quickly reading: Changelog Fixed: Resolved a bug with the PlayerInteractEvent when performing a physical action...
  2. RockinChaos

    Bukkit ItemJoin - In-Game GUI Creator, Bug Fixes, New Features

    I would like to apologize for this update taking so long. The snapshot branch has been getting some-what frequent updates but I wanted to make sure that everything was as fleshed out as possible and bug-free before I pushed out such a massive update. Hopefully, the introduction of the new GUI...
  3. RockinChaos

    "Study! School is most important. Then beer. Then MC." - SlimeDog

    "Study! School is most important. Then beer. Then MC." - SlimeDog
  4. RockinChaos

    Bukkit SignUtils v1.0.0

    Native Minecraft Version(s):1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14 Donations: This plugin was built with the idea of being a multi-purpose plugin and the layout is designed to where a utility can be added to a sign as well as executed through a plugin...
  5. RockinChaos

    Bukkit ItemJoin v5.0.5

    This plugin grants the ability to give highly custom items to players upon join, respawn, world-switch, region-enter, region-exit, first-join, and first-world. This is a multi-purpose plugin for giving items to players on a hub server, minigame servers, or even competitive servers such as...